• Relaxed and Easy

We believe in the values of golf and that the game should be for everyone. The fewer barriers to enjoying our courses and clubhouse the better. We strive to strike a good balance between a few relaxed rules and our goal to ensure that our members and visitors feel free to have the best overall experience at the club.


On the Course

We don't mind if you prefer to play your golf in a woolly jumper or performance polyester. If the weather is nice, go on, get the shorts out. We simply ask that you leave behind any replica shirts of your favourite sports team, no beachwear and no sleeveless athletic tops. You never know, looking your best might help you play your best. 


In the Clubhouse

Nothing too fancy is required to relax and enjoy our two lounges and bar. Spikeless golf shoes are permitted and the same rules apply for attire in the club as on the course. Our only big rule, one that the staff will politely remind you of, is that all headwear must be removed while you are in the clubhouse.


Where to Change

Changing rooms, showers and facilities are open to guests and visitors in the clubhouse. We ask that you check in for your golf first on arrival at the Pro Shop. The staff will then point you in the right direction and provide you door access codes.