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Both Courses Open as of 1.00pm. Updated 15/06/2024. Updated 15/06/24 - 1.44PM.


Craighead Links

It is no accident that members play Craighead as much as our old course. The course is a very different challenge to the links of Balcomie, but no less memorable. Gil Hanse, the acclaimed American architect designed the course to be at one with the clifftop environment and ancient medieval walls. At full-length Craighead Links has hosted national and international championships. From expertly placed tee boxes, golfers of all levels play spectacular holes surrounded by breathtaking coastal views.



Bold in Stature and Atmosphere

A breathtaking design that has earned its position as one of Scotland's finest championship courses.

Championship Pedigree

The genius of the Craighead layout is that from the front tees the course is a thrill to play for golfers of every level. If you are up for a real test then peg it up from the tips. The back tees present a completely unique set of challenges, choices and shots to be played. A round over Craighead is never forgotten.

Ancient Walls

Its not just the dramatic vistas that make a round on Craighead so inspiring. The course follows and bisects the remnants of medieval revetted drystone walling. Hanse carefully and expertly integrated these ancient walls into his design.

Panoramic Views

We are fortunate to play our golf in a part of coastal Scotland that experiences an incredible variety of weather throughout the seasons. Its what gives Craighead a dynamic atmosphere that is almost impossible to describe. Follow the estuary inland from the 8th tee box you will see the sanctuary of May Island, the silhouette of the Bass Rock and on a clear day, you can almost see the beaches and golfers of North Berwick.


Hole 1
469 yards
469 463 399
Par 5

East Neuk

Keep your drive right of the bunkers on the dog leg. When approaching the green there is a pot bunker situated in the middle, the right side of the green will yield the best result.

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Hole 2
385 yards
385 361 317
Par 4

Windmill Corner

Take dead aim down the middle and try and get level with the bunkers. This will open up sight of this tricky green. Land this one short and watch it funnel down the green.

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Hole 3
323 yards
323 292 267
Par 4

Balcomie Castle

Favour the left side of this short hole with your drive, this will open up the green for a great look at birdie.

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Hole 4
455 yards
455 427 382
Par 4

Hollow Flats

The windmill offers a good line off the tee. Your approach shot will often land a little soft on this green, so play the full yardage.

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Hole 5
231 yards
231 211 177
Par 3

H.M.S. Jackdaw

Be confident, pick your club and take aim for the centre of the green. Have a look at your putt from both sides, this green is tricky.

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Hole 6
552 yards
518 475 475
Par 5

Barracuda Way

A 3 shot par 5 which encourages you to play short of the wall and bunkers. Your second shot can take left or right of the fairway, but a precision 3rd shot is required.

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Hole 7
197 yards
197 165 145
Par 3


A favourable miss here is just short of the green, beware of the hidden bunker on the left side of the green. Enjoy the view back along the coastal walk to Crail.

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Hole 8
513 yards
513 487 404
Par 5

Stringbag Alley

A straightforward par 5 but be careful of the cluster of bunkers short left of this green.

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Hole 9
376 yards
376 347 273
Par 4

Crag Heid

Favour the right side of the fairway there is a lot more space than you think. Try not to go long here, you may just end up in one of our signature pot bunkers!

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Hole 10
299 yards
299 280 253
Par 4

Fife Ness

The safe play is a shorter club off the tee left which opens up the green with your 2nd shot. If you fancy a crack at the green just aim on the pot bunker and keep your fingers crossed.

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Hole 11
357 yards
357 313 279
Par 4

The Muir

Play short of the wall by 25 yards and you will see the top of the flag. Be sure to take an extra club with your 2nd shot, it always plays 1 more.

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Hole 12
344 yards
344 316 281
Par 4

Foreland Head

Favour the right side of this fairway to give you some options with the 2nd shot. The green is small and undulating so take a good look at it.

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Hole 13
157 yards
157 140 113
Par 3

Cat Ha Brae

This short par 3 always feeds in from the right side of the green but be sure to hit enough club to carry the bunker.

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Hole 14
411 yards
411 402 346
Par 4

Lang Man's Grave

This stunning par 4 is best approached from the right side of the fairway. Again the green slopes heavily right to left. Enjoy the view!

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Hole 15
552 yards
552 511 425
Par 5

Danes Dike

A true par 5 with a table top green. Fire your drive straight down the fairway. If you can get over the wall with your second you will be at a distinct advantage.

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Hole 16
376 yards
376 358 293
Par 4

Isle of May

Favour the right side of the fairway and keep your 2nd shot on the right half of the green. The ridge in the middle of the green often catches balls that land on the left side.

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Hole 17
197 yards
197 173 132
Par 3

Signal Point

A tricky par 3 that requires pin point accuracy. Get it anywhere on the putting surface and double check your line before tackling the putt.

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Hole 18
457 yards
457 421 379
Par 4

Constantine's Way

Take aim down the left side of the fairway to avoid the punishing bunkers on the right. Your second shot can be run up the front of the green or if you are close enough toss it right to the flag.

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