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Balcomie Links

Centuries of golf has been played over these beautiful old links; long before the days of formal rules, mechanised mowers and metal cups. Much of the course as it is enjoyed today was laid out in 1895 by the master himself, Old Tom Morris. Balcomie is one of Scotland's golfing gems, it's a must-play course for members and visitors alike.



History In The Making

A world famous course that is as fun and challenging today as it was centuries ago.

Mark of a Legend

The first mention of golf being played on Balcomie is 1857. Much of the course as it is played today was down to the masterful eye of a true legend of the game, Old Tom Morris. Open Champion, father of Young Tom, and "Grandfather of Golf", Old Tom laid out the first 9 holes in 1895 and extended the course to 18 holes in 1900.

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The Boathouse

Crail Golfing Society and the Balcomie Links is just a small part the landscape and history of the East Neuk. The old lifeboat shed of 1884 still stands today and is a proud landmark across the course. The first hole of Balcomie is named after it.

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Railway Sleepers

The joy of playing this old links are the unique features and layout of each hole. From the opening drive to the final putt, the course will never be played the same way twice. Natural hollows, stone walls, shared greens and bunker faces clad in old railway sleepers make the Balcomie Links a special place to play golf.


Hole 1
322 yards
322 313 305
Par 4


Take aim for the left hand side of the fairway to give you an optimum angle into this generous green. Be sure to miss the large bunker at the front of green - it’s a monster!

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Hole 2
493 yards
493 451 440
Par 5

Over the Knowe

With the whole of Fife to your left and out of bounds North Sea to the your right – it’s easy to see where your venture to par begins. A blind second shot over the mound should leave you within pitching distance to this par 5.

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Hole 3
177 yards
177 168 155
Par 3

The Briggs

A fine par 3 that rewards accuracy. The green is a slight bowl, with the best option to let your ball drift in from the left.

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Hole 4
354 yards
354 315 274
Par 4

Fluke Dub

A beautiful tee shot across the bay awaits you at the 4th – don’t bite off too much of the corner or you will be punished. Look to get the left hand side of the fairway for the best access to the green.

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Hole 5
447 yards
447 439 427
Par 4

Hell's Hole

Aptly named, this is the hardest hole on the course. Pick a spot and commit to it! There is a small pot bunker short right of the green so keep left in your approach – it will feed down from there.

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Hole 6
188 yards
188 172 161
Par 3


What you see is what you get, tricky bunkers on the left side. Simply hit the middle of the green and enjoy a par!

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Hole 7
346 yards
346 273 264
Par 4

North Carr

Take dead aim over the marker pole (slightly left if playing from the medal tee). It’s a short par 4, but with a tricky 2nd shot. Land it just short and the ball will feed nicely into the middle of the green.

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Hole 8
419 yards
419 416 409
Par 4

Breeches Buoy

A superb long par 4 to a generous double green. Set up on the right hand side of the fairway to avoid the bunkers in driving distance left. It can be fiery in the summer so hitting the front of the green may be your best option.

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Hole 9
306 yards
306 250 246
Par 4


A short par 4 with supreme bunker protection short and left. Your safest shot is to take aim on the large bunker, making sure to land short, then you will be rewarded with an accurate second shot.

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Hole 10
336 yards
336 287 273
Par 4

Castle Yetts

A tricky par 4 that rises up hill. Play short of the bunker in the middle of the fairway (not too short mind, there is a burn there!). Take an extra club for your second shot – it always plays more than the yardage.

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Hole 11
494 yards
494 427 421
Par 5

Lang Whang

Lots of space left and right at this par 5 – give it a thud and you maybe within striking distance to hit this par 5 in 2. Again, often plays 1 more club into this green. Look out for bunkers short left and right of this green.

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Hole 12
525 yards
525 517 514
Par 5

The Burn

A proper 3 shot par 5 with a snaking burn that is placed 90 yards short of the green. Again lots of space off the tee, so don’t hold back. Play short of the burn with your 2nd shot and then be sure to land on the correct side of the ridge on the green to access the pin.

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Hole 13
214 yards
214 207 201
Par 3


A long, uphill par 3 to an undulating green. This hole plays difficult on the nicest of days, so relax and commit to your shot - so don’t be too disappointed if you walk off with a bogie here!

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Hole 14
147 yards
147 141 132
Par 3

The Cave

One of the jewels in Crail’s crown. Take in the view, compose yourself, and ensure you get your distance right. You see all the danger, just be sure to hit the top level of the green, where the pin normally is!

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Hole 15
264 yards
264 254 245
Par 4

Mill Dam

The shortest Par 4, a true risk and reward hole. Go for the green at your peril, the out of bounds is a mere 4 yards off the putting surface. Well bunkered to the right so if you are laying up short favour the left side of the fairway.

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Hole 16
162 yards
162 157 152
Par 3

Spion Kop

A tricky uphill par 3 that always plays one club more. A bunker to the right can be seen from the tee. Hit the middle of the green and you are in good shape.

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Hole 17
462 yards
462 417 400
Par 4

Road Hole

A nice driving hole from an elevated tee. Take dead aim on the middle of the fairway and then favour the left of the green with your second shot as everything feeds right from that side. It is a stunning view approaching this green.

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Hole 18
205 yards
205 198 188
Par 3

The Quarry

Before your final blow – turn around and take in the glorious view. What a place to play golf. This tricky par 3 finishing hole is not to be underestimated. Take aim for the left side of the green – everything feeds in from there.

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