• Spring Meeting Results

Spring Meeting (Maillerdait and Spence Medals) Results

The handsome silver Maillardet Medal was presented by Dr J W Maillardet, Madras Army, during his year of Captaincy, 1842. It was first played for on 31st May 1843.


The Spence Medal was bequeathed to ‘the golfers of Crail’ by David Spence, Kingsbarns, in memory of his son, John Spence, who had won the medal in Bombay. It was therefore played for jointly by the East Neuk O’Fife club and Crail Golfing Society one month after they amalgamated. The medal is engraved ‘Bombay Golf Club’ and was won by John Spence at Nasik, India in 1883. Neither the Bombay Golf club, nor the original course at Nasik have survived and this is therefore an interesting and rare connection with the past. The medal depicts two Indians reclining on palm trees next to the Nasik river and it engraved with thistles and the saltire on the reverse.

Spence Medal

Winner of Maillerdait (Scratch)                    Greg Wishart 68                             £10 Voucher

Winner of Spence Medal (Handicap)        Alasdair Cattanach 81-12 = 69       £10 Voucher

Runner Up                                                      Steven Scott            84 – 14 = 70    £7 Voucher

Third                                                                Danny Slaughter     77 – 6 = 71      £5 Voucher



Division 1

1 Danny Slaughter             £18.50

2 Greg Wishart                   £11.10

3 Stephen Marshall           £7.40


Division 2

1 Alasdair Cattanach       £12

2 Steven Scott                 £7.20

3 David Grant                   £4.80



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