• Mike Forgan 1965 - 2021

In the storied and much celebrated history of Crail Golfing Society, there have been few members who more acutely represent the nature of the club than Mike Forgan.

His undiminished talent as a golfer is not unusual in a club that attracts so many with that gift and yet, he stood out. His commitment to the club, through decades of devoted service on committees is thankfully a service that many other members have contributed. And yet he stood out.

A love of conviviality, sharing a beer, dancing at the annual prize-giving, provoking laughter with a ready wit and entertaining family in the clubhouse is the most endearing trait he shared with many members. And yet he stood out. 

It is not only that Mike held all these qualities in abundance and was rightly admired for such, he was also someone who won respect easily, whether that was on the course or in the clubhouse.

There was no mistaking his Fireman’s bearing. Broad-shouldered and athletic, with a long, effortless swing on the course and an upright and striking presence in the clubhouse.

Whether you were drawn in a ballot for a Saturday Stableford or his opponent in the club championship, you would have enjoyed the same respect from him. His deference for the traditions of the game meant that whether you were a relative novice, or a national champion, he would treat you as an equal.

Mike’s love of Crail Golfing Society and all it had to offer him was a life-long affair, shared with his parents, brother and sister-in-law. His passion for the game was not driven merely by the pursuit of sporting glories but by all that is good in the game. Sharing the links with family, whether it be in the mixed knockout, or as a team-mate in the Ranken Todd, was an obvious joy to him.

It says much about Mike that he was as enthusiastic to play for the club against Anstruther as St Andrews. Leading the scratch team for years, he was a popular and enduring personality in the north east Fife golf scene and his passing will be mourned by many members of Crail’s neighbouring clubs.

He was always a worthy winner and gracious in defeat and is greatly missed.


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