• Committee Nomination Process 2021

Nominations for Committee 2022

Dear Fellow Member,

The nominations for the Committee of Crail Golfing Society are now officially open, and we would take this opportunity to invite all voting members of the Society to nominate themselves for Committee for 2022. There will be 3 (three) vacancies available for the Committee next year.

The Committee oversees the running of the Society’s affairs, addressing all Financial, Greens, Match & Handicap, House & Property, Marketing and Social matters of Crail GS. Committee meetings are held on a monthly basis, which Committee Members would be expected to join, as well as monthly meetings of any sub-committees they are elected onto.

Despite the challenges presented throughout 2021, all Members of the Committee have convened and collaborated to ensure the Society is brought safely through the difficulties and threats presented by a wholly uncertain situation. As a result of the diligence and vigilance of the Committee, Crail has recovered in a fast, successful manner, and has returned to a position in which the Society can begin to build for the short- and long-term future. As we enter what promises to be a very exciting year, we would be delighted to have you as part of a dedicated, committed team, working in the best interests of Crail GS.

Should you wish to nominate yourself for the positions of Captain, Vice-Captain or Committee Member, the nominations sheet will be up in the Main Clubhouse Lounge on the notice board at the far end of the bar. All nominations require a Proposer and Seconder (both voting members of the Society), and must also be included and signed for on the nominations sheet.

The positions of Captain and Vice-Captain will be populated with Committee-generated nominations, though it should be noted that both positions are open to nominations by voting Members.

Office Bearer positions (Captain and Vice-Captain) hold a period in office for 2 years each, whilst a Committee Member will assume the position for 3 years.

Please see below supporting documents outlining the general roles of Society Captain, Society Vice-Captain and a Committee Member, plus the Committee approved Code of Conduct. Should you require any further information, or wish to discuss being a part of the Committee, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We look forward to having you on the team.

Best Wishes,

Max Baillie – Captain, Crail GS



Crail Golfing Society – Committee 2021



To contribute to all ongoing matters of the Society, and to ensure that the views of the Membership are relayed back to the Committee for consideration and discussion. To act as an Ambassador of the Society and preserve its best interests, as well as those of the Members.


To actively take part and engage in monthly Committee meetings and in elected Sub-Committee Meetings. To take actions on specific subjects determined by Committee/Sub-Committee, leading the respective action(s) and reporting progress and any other associated information at monthly meetings.


Crail Golfing Society – Committee

Governance Code of Conduct – 2021 Revision

Guidance for Committee Members

1. Ensure the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules of Crail Golfing Society have been read, and are fully respected at all times.

2. Promote the Society’s values, aims, rules and regulations by acting as an Ambassador and Advocate, always presenting Society and its members in a positive light.

3. Act only in the interests of the club as a whole, never as individuals or small groups. Ensure all decisions and actions are verified officially by the Management Committee.

4. Listen to and respect the views of all Members and fellow Committee Members, always using appropriate conduct, and respectful language and behaviour.

5. Help establish and maintain a comprehensive set of Society rules and regulations that are regularly reviewed, including a club risk register to understand and limit any potential threats to the club (including, but not limited to, Pandemics and Natural Events).

6. Manage club funds so as to maximise value for money in all club financial dealings. Ensure all Society expenditure is maintained within the set annual budget, as far as possible.

7. Champion equality and respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in the Society, regardless of gender, race, marital status, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation, religion or political opinion.

8. Respect all lines of communication between Committee and Sub-Committee Members and Members of Staff.

9. Actively contribute to the effective work of the Committee by:

- Good preparation for meetings by reading all papers which have been circulated prior to meetings

- Regular attendance, participation and contribution at Management and respective Sub-Committee meetings

- Dealing with issues of agenda clarification before meetings and maintaining a sharp focus on agenda items in meetings so that time is used effectively

- Respecting the office of the “Chair of the meeting” to ensure the orderly conduct of meetings and any management of conflict

- Attempting to reach decisions by consensus and always publicly supporting majority Committee decisions, even if personal opinions may differ

- Ensuring timely response to, and completion of, agreed actions

- Supporting fellow Committee members in their leadership of the Society, attending the Society AGM and any other meetings as and when required

- Respecting and adhering to the Minutes of previous Committee Meetings when discussing and actioning decisions

- Circulating arising matters to the appropriate, corresponding Convenor for their, and their Sub-Committee’s consideration

- Constructively challenging decisions and referrals in a fair, respectful and proactive manner

- Ensuring all conversations at Committee meetings are relevant to the Society, and are in the best interests of the Society and its Members

- Recognise that all Committee Members are volunteers, elected by the general Membership. Whilst matters require serious attention and proactive discussion, it is important that Committee Members enjoy and embrace the privilege of representing Crail Golfing Society.


The Committee, Crail Golfing Society



To preserve the best interests of Crail Golfing Society, and to represent all Members of the Society. To represent Crail Golfing Society and act as an Ambassador for the club and its history and values.


To support, deputise for and work with the Captain of the Society on the primary work areas of, but not limited to, Finance, Employment Policy, Administration, Communication, Facility Management and Event Management.

To actively engage and fully integrate in all decisions taken on behalf of the Society. To lead by example as a Trustee of the Society, and to ensure an engaged and enthusiastic Committee.

  • To engage with Sub-Committee Convenors and attend Sub-Committee Meetings where appropriate
  • Continue to seek more sponsorship for the Society
  • Properly understand and engage with all aspects of the financial and accounting system
  • Engage fully with all staff at the Society
  • Engage fully with the local, national and international membership of the Society
  • Re-establish and continue to promote Society ongoings
  • Ensure the Membership are fully engaged from a Social perspective
  • Act as a Trustee of the Society



The Captain is the most important member of the club and is held accountable for every aspect of the running of the club. The Captain is required to be a proficient administrator; have a deep understanding of sales and marketing; provide leadership for the staff and membership; possess a working knowledge of greenkeeping, hospitality, IT, relevant legislation and have a passion for the game of golf.

Ideally, the Captain should have spent a significant amount of time contributing meaningfully to committee life.

They should be a proficient golfer, having played regularly in competitions, friendly matches and have a wide circle of golfing friends. 

The Captain does not determine policy but helps guide and shape the Management Committee in doing so. The post carries almost no executive authority and from a governance perspective should be seen to support, rather than direct the Conveners. For this to be carried out effectively, the incumbent is required to be fully up to date with all the action plans for every sub-committee and be able to create and sustain excellent working relationships with Conveners.

The Captain is entrusted with upholding the reputation of the club both internally and externally, through exemplary verbal and written communication skills, maintaining integrity and trustworthiness beyond reproach.

The Captain is expected to have qualities of wisdom, understanding, empathy, patience, and availability. They are required to have such a depth of connection with the club that they are prepared to spend more time and emotional energy on club business than will ever be appreciated.

The two-year tenure will at times be rewarding and fulfilling but will also be stressful and challenging. The Captain is the guardian of the culture of Crail Golfing Society, and must posses a detailed knowledge of the history and traditions of one of the world’s oldest and most important golfing institutions.

The Captain is responsible to the Membership for ensuring excellent standards in these Key Roles: -

  • Long term planning
  • Promotion of the Society.
  • Care and Administration of the Society, its Property, Premises and Employees.

More specifically, the position is accountable for the following key areas:

  1. Financial Policy

Liaising with the Finance Convener, the Captain must have a good understanding of basic accountancy practices and is expected be able to interpret management accounts.


Working with the Conveners, the Captain will assist in the preparation and monitoring of the Annual Budget and Capital Expenditure programme, ensure that the correct level of insurance cover and regulatory compliance is in place to protect all the Society’s Property, Assets and Employees. 

  1. Employment Policy

The Captain must ensure that comprehensive job specifications for all employees are in place in order that the recruitment of staff and the development of working practices can best fit the policies of the Management Committee.

It is imperative that the skill profiles of staff will match the needs of the club and in such circumstances where this is not achieved through training and mentoring, liaising with the  Managing Secretary, the Captain oversees the disciplinary process up to and including dismissal. At all times, the Management Committee is to be kept informed of all staff issues.

2.1 Employment Legislation

The Captain must ensure that pertinent legislation is complied with, covering recruitment, Health and Safety, PAYE, pensions, grievance, and disciplinary procedures.

  1. Administration

The Captain, liaising with the Managing Secretary and Conveners, must ensure the effective administration of all meetings, including General Meetings, Management Committee, sub-committees, and any working groups established for single-issue purposes.  This includes the circulation of the agenda and notice calling the meetings, the taking of minutes and assisting the members in the execution of all action points raised in the meetings. The Captain is expected to be fully cognisant with the constitution and ensure compliance.

3.1 Caterer and Professional

The Captain is expected to attain a working knowledge of the catering and Pro Shop operations and must work closely with the relevant Conveners to mitigate against complaints, and drive improvements in the service.

3.2 Membership

Working in close co-operation with the Membership Secretary and Vice-Captain, the Captain, is responsible for interviewing new Member applicants in the absence of sponsors.

3.3 Information Technology

The Captain is required to be effective in the use of IT, especially word processing and spreadsheets.

3.4 Junior Section

Working with the Junior Organiser, the Captain is expected to support the development of the Junior section.

  1. Communication

The Captain must not only communicate effectively and courteously with Members, their Guests and Visitors to encourage good relations amongst the Membership and to attract Visitors to the Society but also ensure that all Committee members do likewise.

All forms of communication must be well-written, balanced, and neutral, protecting the reputation of the Society.

It is preferable that the Captain has a presence on Social media.

4.1 Complaints

The Captain is the second point of contact for attending to complaints, following the initial report/investigation by the Managing Secretary. This will involve making all appropriate investigations, reporting to the Management Committee and if necessary, instigating the disciplinary process.

4.2 Golf Industry Relations

The Captain is expected to develop and maintain relationships with local golf clubs, businesses, various regional and national golfing organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations to advance the aims of the Society.

4.3 Print Media

Working with the Marketing Committee, the Captain is required to support press releases, through the effective use of supporting quotations.


  1. Facility Management

The Captain is accountable for ensuring that the Society’s facilities are maintained to the standards as agreed by the Management Committee and dictated by relevant legislation such as Fire Safety and Environmental Health. This responsibility involves overseeing the work of the sub-committees and staff. 

5.1 Development

The Captain is required to assist the Conveners with plans to develop the facilities, in line with member expectations and avoiding ‘vanity projects’.  

  1. Event Management

The Captain must support with the Match & Handicap Convener in order that all competitive golf organised by the Society is administered effectively. It is expected that the Captain will be the present for as many Open Competitions, Invitational’s, and tournaments to carry out presentation ceremonies.

Working with the Social Committee and Vice-Captain, the Captain is accountable for all major events in the Society’s Social, competitive, and business Calendar.

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