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Bernie McGuire

Twelve-year old Conor Graham is about to create history teeing-up in this week's Scottish Men’s Amateur at Crail Golfing Society.


Conor, and a big fan of 15-time Major winning Tiger Woods,  is believed to be the youngest-ever in the near 100-year history of the event to be teeing-up in Scotland’s premier men’s championship.


And what’s more amazing he will be joined by his 46-year old father, Stuart and 15-year old brother, Gregor with all three members at golf’s 7th oldest club that is very proudly hosting the Amateur for a first time.


Conor, and only slightly taller than his driver, won the Stephen Gallagher U12 Championships, had an ‘ace’ in finishing runner-Up 2017 British Wee Wonders Championships and was third in the US Kids European Championship.


Then in last year’s US Kids World Championships Final at the famed Pinehurst Conor also had an ace in finishing top-20.


“My favourite golfer is Tiger because of what he’s done and also I like it when he really putts well.  He’s always exciting to watch," said Conor ahead of a final practice round on Monday in the company of his father and brother.


“It’s great too to have my dad and my brother Gregor playing this week, also as Gregor is a good driver of the ball.”


And while young Conor is quitely confident of getting through to Thursday’s starting match-play stages, all he’s worried about is beating his dad.


“I would like to beat my dad this week", he said with his father watching on.  "I have beaten him a few times now.  I am very excited about playing this week as it’s probably the biggest tournament I have ever played in. 


“I have no expectations and being 12-years of age everyone will be much older than me, so I am just going out to enjoy it and hopefully I can get through the two qualifying rounds as that would be really good.


“But then there will be people hitting it 200-yards past me, so I not really that worried.”


And Stuart, who once got through to the final eight of the championship, knows he’s under enormous 'family' pressure this coming week.


“I am sure both Conor and Gregor will have a good week and no matter what happens, it will be fun for the three of us,"he said. 


“Though in saying that I dare not lose to Conor in the stroke-play as I will never hear the end of it (smiling).


“I guess also I will find myself being more concerned with what Gregor and Conor are doing rather than focus on my own golf but then this is probably my first and only competitive event of the year.


“Considering how little golf I have played I am actually hitting the ball quite good so that my level of expectation is high given my lack of golf.


“Another thing also is that I have been a member here at Crail for near on 10-years so I know both golf courses really well.”


Turnhouse’s Euan McIntosh is defending champion and looking to become the first repeat winner in 37-years.