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October Greenkeeper Report 2017

Golf courses October report 2017

Balcomie course

Greens – The aeration program which entailed verti-draining to a depth of 8”, mini hollow coring, and double verti-cutting, seeding then top-dressing was completed early in the month. This process allows us to relieve the compaction, remove thatch and add finer grasses which will help us gain firmer and smoother playing surfaces for the next playing season and we have only been able to cut or roll greens when dry as not to lift any top-dressing or seed.  We have applied a worm irritant/iron to help reduce casting on the surfaces.

Craighead course

Greens We have reduced our cutting with the lower temperatures but we are continuing to roll or turf iron to keep a smooth surface. We have raised our height of cut from 4mm to 5mm for the winter and applied a liquid iron to add colour and strengthen the grass plant going into the winter. Mini hollow coring and top-dressing was completed earlier this month to help reduce thatch levels.

Both courses

Surrounds Cut every second week and cut in different directions to stop napping of the grass surface.

Tees – Cut once a week but still divoting, emptying bins, topping up ball washers and picking up broken tees etc on a weekly basis to keep these areas tidy. Both sets of tees have been deep tined.

Fairways – Cut every second week. The Craighead fairways have been slit tined in 2 directions

Semi- roughs/3.5” roughs – Cut only when required and are continuing to cut, collect and rake deep rough areas to help starve these areas to hopefully thin them out. 


Preferred lies started from the 23rd of October

Winter tees will start from Wednesday 1st of November

Winter work plans are now started

Work has also started on the new short game area on the driving range 

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Posted 03/11/2017

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager