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June Greenkeepers Report

Golf Courses June Report 2017


This month has been mostly wet with high rain fall, which has made it difficult to cut  the playing surfaces in dry conditions.

Balcomie course

Greens – Cut daily at a height of 4mm and rolling/ironing when possible. We have continued to spike and spray wetting agent and growth regulator on a monthly basis. We have also completed some hand weeding and verti-cutting the surfaces to help smooth off and cut out any lateral growth.

Craighead course

Greens – Cut daily at a height of 4mm and rolling/ironing when possible, we applied a fungicide as preventative against any disease attack especially after the wet weather these areas were also verti-cut. We have top-dressed twice with sand to help reduce thatch levels and produce a firmer surface.

Both courses

Surrounds – Brushed/cut twice weekly at a height of 8mm, with every second cut is in a different direction to stop napping of the surface.

Tees – Cut twice a week at a height of 10mm and at the same time all tees are being divoted, bins emptied, ball washers topped up and broken tees etc picked up to help keep these areas neat and tidy.

Fairways – Cut weekly at a height of 14.5mm and landing areas divoted when possible. We are changing the direction of cut to help stop any napping of the turf and cut out any long ends also the Balcomie fairways have all been lightly scarified. We have had to spray a 2nd application of a selective herbicide to help control daises due to the wet weather

Semi- roughs/3.5” roughs – these areas are being cut weekly at a height of 57mm.  Certain areas of deep rough have been cut & collected to help play.  I feel we are now seeing the benefit of our rough management plan over certain areas on both courses of cutting and collecting the grass then spraying to help starve these areas out.


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Posted 10/07/2017

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager