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November Courses Report 2017

Golf courses November report 2017

Balcomie course

Greens – Cut when required now to clean up the surfaces. Rolling/turf ironing when required and applied a light top-dressing to help smooth the surface and dilute thatch. An application of iron and worm irritant was applied to help reduce worm casts on the surface due to the mild weather.

Craighead course

Greens – Cut once a week now to clean up the surfaces. Rolling/turf ironing when required. All greens were deep tined to aid drainage then a top-dressing was applied to smooth the surface and dilute thatch. Also these greens were sprayed with iron.


Both courses

Surrounds – Cut when required to keep these areas tidy. These areas are also being top-dressed to help improve the surfaces and sprayed with iron.

Tees – Cut when required but still divot filling, emptying bins, topping up ball washers and picking up broken tees etc on a weekly basis to keep these areas tidy. All tees were heavily top-dressed to help level the surfaces. Both sets of tees have had an application of iron to help harden up the grass plant going into the winter months, which also helps deter moss. The tees on the Craighead course were again deep tined to aid with drainage.

Fairways – Cut only when required now. All fairways on both courses are continually being slit tined to help reduce compaction. An application of iron was applied to the Balcomie course fairways for the same reason as the greens & tees.


Drainage works to the 2nd fairway on the Craighead course is ongoing at present

Greenside bunker on hole 7 has been rebuilt on the Craighead course

Greenside bunkers on hole 1, 4, 8 & 12 have been rebuilt on the Balcomie course

Cutting & collecting of deep roughs is still ongoing

Work on the new short game area is progressing well


Next month


Rebuilding of bunkers

Cutting & collecting of deep rough areas

Top-dressing to greens and surrounds

Building the new short game area

Levelling teeing ground & fixing the railway sleepers at medal tee 7 on the Balcomie course


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Posted 01/12/2017

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager