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September Courses Report 2019

Golf courses September report 2019


The weather has been mostly dry this month and the temperatures are starting to drop going into the Autumn


Balcomie course

Greens – we are still cutting every day and turf ironing when possible, at the start of the month the greens were verti-cut, brushed and groomed then an application of liquid fertiliser applied.


Craighead course

Greens – We have reduced our cutting to every second day now but still at a height of 4mm and rolling/ironing in between cutting which helps reduce stress to the plant but keeps a smooth and true surface, we applied our Autumn/winter feed of a granular 5.5.10+6fe this will keep the grass stronger and healthier through the winter months. We have cut, marked and divoted our winter greens ready for the winter months. Also, we carried out verti-cutting, solid tining and rolling to help reduce thatch levels, smooth the surfaces and to improve air and water movement going into the Autumn.


Both courses

Surrounds – We are now only cutting weekly at a height of 8mm and have been trying to cut in different directions to stop napping of the grass surface.


Tees – We are only cutting weekly now at a height of 10mm and at the same time all tees are being divoted, bins emptied, ball washers topped up and broken tees etc picked up to help keep these areas tidy. The Craighead course tees have been solid tined to 125mm to aid in drainage in the winter months and relieve the summer compaction and double scarified and certain tees were also hollow cored to reduce thatch levels.


Fairways – We are cutting weekly at a height of 13mm.all the Balcomie course fairways have been divoted and certain fairways on Craighead also


Roughs – We have made a start to cutting and collecting deep rough areas on the Craighead course


Next month

Carry on with cutting & collecting of deep rough areas over both courses

Aeration work to the Balcomie greens week commencing 14th oct

Emptying top shed ready for the demolition & the start of the new irrigation system

Digging out the old irrigation sprinklers on the Balcomie course


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Posted 30/09/2019

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager