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April Courses Report 2019

Golf courses - April report 2019



This month has been very dry with very little rain, 6mm in total, so we have been out irrigating greens, tees and other areas especially newly turfed area with the irrigation system and hand watering with hoses.


Greens – We are now cutting daily at a height of 4.5mm and turf ironing behind cutting when possible to improve the surfaces. The Craighead course greens have just had their minor aeration work completed which consisted of deep tining, double light scarifying, verti-cutting, cutting, over seeding, and top-dressing, all this work is to reduce our organic matter levels in the soil profile to help produce firmer, healthier and free draining playing surfaces.


Surrounds – We are cutting twice weekly at a height of 8mm to keep these areas neat and tidy. The Balcomie course surrounds have been fertilised.


Tees – We are cutting twice weekly at a height of 10mm and at the same time all tees are being divoted, bins emptied, ball washers topped up and broken tees etc picked up to help keep these areas tidy. Any weak tees and walkways have been fertilised again to aid in recovery.


Fairways – We are cutting twice weekly now at a height of 13mm with grass boxes to collect the grass clippings and weed seeds to improve the surfaces, the landing areas are being divoted when possible.


Semi- roughs/3.5” roughs – We are cutting most of these areas weekly now.  




Most bunkers have been topped up with fresh sand, but this will continue to complete all bunkers

The work to the 15th tee and path is now completed on the Balcomie course

We have installed a marker pole on the 2nd fairway to help direct visitors and to help speed up play

The junior course on the driving range is set up for the season which will be used on Tuesdays which means the driving range will be closed from 10.30am till 7.30pm

Hand watering to new turf has taken place to stop the turf drying out

Tee paths have all been edged/weeded and topped up with whin dust over both courses apart from The 18th path on the Balcomie course, which will be done in the coming weeks

We have been keeping up with ongoing repairs to the Balcomie course irrigation system


Next month


All greens will receive their monthly spiking and wetting agent/seaweed program

Divoting of landing areas

Full cutting program on all areas over both courses

We will be replacing the old yardage posts on the Balcomie course fairways


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Posted 02/05/2019

Robert Meikle

Golf Course Manager